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Sunday, 16 June 2013

JDD Publisher

JDD Spreadsheet Publisher enhances existing software application‘s cabilities by a flexible data export to Microsoft Excel. Design your templates in Microsoft Excel and use a simple placeholder syntax. The JDD Spreadsheet Publisher takes both, data and template and renders a ready-to-use Microsoft Excel© workbook in your design layout.

Your benefits:

- Flexibility

Templates can be customized in a fast and straightforward way just by using Microsoft Excel. Eliminate discussions between IT and business about security, effort and delivery periods.

- Process Reliability

Your development environment is Microsoft Excel©. You specify the design of the Excel report. JDD Spreadsheet Publisher only cares about data and correctly adjusted relations inside the workbook. Use any of the Excel built-in functions and features to enhance your report.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Create a Success Message using Dynamic Action - Second

You can extend this simple example by adding a counter to it and close it after the specified number of seconds:

var my_counter = 5;

var success_message = $('#P299_MESSAGE').val() + '<br/>' 
+ 'This message will close in ' + 
'<span id="my_sec">' + my_counter + '</span>' + ' seconds.';
$('.t10messages').append(<div class="t10success" style="display: none;">

var time_in_seconds = setInterval(function() {



if (my_counter == 0) {
}, 1000);

Using jQuery this is quite easy to acomplish.