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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Dynamic Tabular Form

It can happen that you get a requiremen similar to this one:


1. You have an unknow number of tables

2. You don't know the structure of the tables in advance

3. You still need forms for entering and maintaining data

The only solution that comes to my mind are dynamically created tabular forms. Tabular forms have already a bad reputation. Now, if you add the word "dynamical" to it, it will sound even more horrorful.

As I promised in the mentioned thread, I tried to create a working example. This is what I came up with:


It took me arround three hours to get that code together. Of course, this can be done much better - using a package and providing some additional functionalities like validations and other item types.


Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Denes,

just a security hint about your code.

The code isn't really SQL injection save, you should protect your access to :p195_tables with the DBMS_Assert.enquote_name. Have a look at Carstens blog. This will prevent SQL injections in your processes.


Denes Kubicek said...


Thanks. This wasn't my focus.

Just out of curiosity. Could you show how you would inject some SQL there?


Patrick Wolf said...

SQL injections are most time not the intention of the developer :-)

But because probably a lot of developers are looking/using your code I wanted to bring it to your attention.

About the instructions, the easiest reproducible steps are for the delete process:
1) select eg. employees to populate the tabular form
2) Use Firebug/whatever to change the value of P195_TABLES to


3) Select the row selector checkbox for one of the records
4) Press the delete button

The -- at the end of the above value will comment out the rest of you code where you add the where clause, ... and will do a full delete on any table I specify.

Note, I haven't tried it out because I didn't want to make you mad :-)


Stew said...


Did you notice this line in one of the forum from the authors' replies?

it is also a final project from university and we want
a solution that is implemented and it works in
the best possible way.

Maybe you're cooler than me (that's almost guaranteed!) but should we really be helping these guys with their final exam? Personally I don't appreciate it when students pose questions in these forums instead of learning on their own.


Denes Kubicek said...

O.K. this was an issue. Thanks for pointing that out. I modified the code a bit and now it is secure.


amd_group@iiui said...

i m new to apex, please give me step by step guide how to implement this dynamic table. please contact me on adeelmunawar80@hotmail.com

adeel munawar

Will said...

Hi Denes,
This is a great little application!

I've looked at the code and it looks like this should still work in the latest version of APEX4.1... Do you agree?

Given the added features of APEX 4.1 would you suggest there is a better way of implementing a dynamic tabular form or updateable datagrid?


Anonymous said...

How to create a tabular form using PLSQL???

There is no option for PLSQL...